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ATTN: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Traders Searching for Proven Strategies to Create Consistent Profit Opportunities Month After Month

WARNING: What follows may change the trajectory of your trading… and your LIFE… forever

Imagine the possibilities of generating a consistent income that allows you to buy the freedom you dream of so that you can actually do the things that you love to do.

Imagine if this were done by trading the markets on a regular basis, and having cracked the code to trading profitably more frequently. 

Dead-simple in theory… 

Anything but easy in execution.

Josh Martinez
Joshua Martinez here with breaking news…

What you probably didn’t understand at the time is that as a retail trader, the deck is SERIOUSLY stacked against you.

The Goliathan institutional investors… the billion-dollar hedge funds, mutual funds, endowment funds and private equity funds… 

They use their massive resources to move the markets at will… 

And prey upon small-fry retail traders like sharks on guppies.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to succeed as a retail trader.

But have you ever heard of the 90-90-90 rule? 

It states that 90% of traders lose 90% of their money within 90 days. 

The million-dollar question is WHY?

Why are so many retail traders failing to find long-term, consistent success?

Time and again, it boils down to two major roadblocks:

1. Lack of simple, proven and repeatable strategies… 

2. Lack of time to research, learn and develop the skills to deploy those strategies.

Now maybe you’re satisfied with where you’re at with your trading. 

But if you’ve read this far, then I can confidently guess that’s not the case… 

So you need to pay VERY close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Right now, there’s an extremely time-sensitive opportunity to smash through those roadblocks and unlock THREE time-tested, tried-and-true trading strategies at an unbelievably slashed Black Friday-bundle price. 

These strategies have been developed, deployed, tested and tweaked by three modern-day market masters… 

And proven time and again to deliver consistent, reliable profit opportunities that you can leverage in as little as 30 minutes to an hour a day of trading. 

I’m talking about opportunities like 385% in 63 days… 

689% in 12 months… 

And $5,915 in one morning of trading.

You can begin accessing these types of opportunities TODAY with


The Elite Traders Combo puts you in position to leverage the knowledge and expertise of THREE market experts with 70+ years of trading experience between them… 

And gives you full, unbridled access for a FULL YEAR to THREE battle-proven strategies for stalking major profit opportunities in the markets. 

No matter where you’re currently at in your trading journey… 

Whether you’ve been at it for 10 years, 10 months or 10 minutes… 

The Elite Traders Combo can help you take your skills… and your chances to pull consistent, reliable returns… to the next level.


What’s Inside the Elite Traders Combo… 

With the Elite Traders Combo, you’ll unlock three unique strategies that will allow you to attack the markets from multiple diverse vantage points.

1. Ross Givens’ Stealth Trades is a proven short-term strategy that allows you to leverage massive anonymous bets taking place behind every major stock move.

For the chance to bag potentially HUGE, QUICK moves like 121% in 70 days, 180% in 65 days and even 780% in 81 days. 

2. Rapid Wealth Alliance is a fresh new contrarian strategy that takes advantage of Tim Melvin’s 45 years of in-the-trenches trading experience and his proprietary Rapid Wealth Multiplier Engine that cuts through all the B.S… 

And zeroes in on the BIGGEST, most profit-dripping stock opportunities that, over time, can potentially 44X every dollar you invest.

3. Finally, inside Josh Martinez’s War Room you’ll learn the alternative investing strategies, tactics and techniques that he used to grow a $500 initial stake into more than $37,723 in 51 trading days by exploiting an often-overlooked portal in your brokerage account.

In fact, Josh has just identified a BRAND NEW opportunity teeing up RIGHT NOW thanks to current economic conditions and rampant inflation… 

An opportunity that has the potential to turn a $2,000 investment per trade into a $50,000 war chest over the next 12 to 18 months. 

That’s a 25X ROI opportunity setting up RIGHT NOW… 

And Josh will teach you the systems he’s used to capture monster profits from similar setups in every LIVE War Room session!

Now here’s the deal… 

The Elite Traders Combo is ONLY available RIGHT NOW during this extremely limited-time Black Friday blowout sale.

Under normal circumstances, to get all three of these cutting-edge strategies together you would have to purchase them individually… 

At the full retail price of $197 annually apiece ($591 altogether).

And, to be frank, $591 for a year of all three of these proven methodologies is an immense bargain for all the value contained in each.

But for Black Friday, we’re pulling out all the stops and bundling these powerful profit-seeking strategies together for the first time EVER in the ELITE TRADERS COMBO at an eye-popping 98% DISCOUNT!!

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That’s a total savings of $581 off the full retail price of these three exceptional systems!

REMEMBER: The Elite Traders Combo is ONLY available during this limited-time Black Friday sale… 

And come midnight Sunday, this opportunity is GONE. 

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Ross Givens has done virtually everything there is to do in the investment industry, having served as a broker, financial advisor, professional money manager and even a Vice President for one of the most renowned investment banks in the world. 

Ross’s time behind the closed doors of some of the largest financial institutions on the planet afforded him rare, valuable insights into the levers that really move markets… 

And now, he exploits those insights to help his students find potentially MASSIVE breakout plays on under-the-radar stocks that most traders simply overlook.

With Ross’ Stealth Trades system, you’ll tap into one of the most powerful strategies out there for finding BIG profit opportunities on stocks that are poised for potentially HUGE short-term moves — moves like a whopping 728% on Mind Medicine Inc. in just 77 days:

Mind Medicine

Claim Your ELITE TRADERS COMBO and Start Exploiting Ross’ Stealth Trades Right Now for $9.97!!


Tim Melvin has been behind the scenes with multi-millionaire and billionaire investors for more than 35 years and actively trading the markets for 45 years. 

Tim’s rolodex is chock full of some of the most revered fund managers, private equity partners and esteemed, high-net worth folks who all clamor for his newest trade calls for one simple reason:

Tim is a MASTER stock trader who’s quietly beaten some of Wall Street’s most respected, most admired and most accomplished people. 

In fact, he famously placed 119 consecutive trades in the banking sector and won EVERY SINGLE ONE with an average gain of 70%!!

With his Rapid Wealth Multiplier system, Tim takes a methodical, scientific approach to identifying the most “boring” stocks with BIG upside potential. 

We’re talking peak gains like 689% on Lands End when back tested over a 12-month period… 

Lands End


And a staggering 8,686% return on Patrick Industries when back tested over a 10-year period:



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Josh Martinez is a self-taught trading wiz and one of today’s top financial market mentors and coaches. 

Josh is a master at identifying powerful financial patterns that show consistency in repeating themselves time and time again… 

And every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, he goes LIVE inside his private War Room to teach his students how to exploit those patterns and capitalize on MASSIVE opportunities in the futures markets. 

In fact, Josh used the very same strategies he teaches inside the War Room to grow an initial deposit sum of $500 into more than $37,000 in just 51 trading days!!

51 trading


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Black Friday experts


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