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Why My Students Really Love Trading With Me

My name is Joshua Martinez, and I’m a 10-year trading expert, a professional education instructor, and founder of Traders Agency.

My back-tested strategies and professional insight into the market has made me an expert at identifying powerful financial patterns that consistently repeat themselves time and time again.

People always ask me, “How do you make so much money as a trader?”

My response? I follow the rules of the market.

I rarely rely on systems unless I’ve developed it, I guess you can call me a technical trader.

This may come as a shock to you, but I never went to college. And to be completely honest with you, I’m not very good at math.

But I am great at recognizing patterns. And following a routine. (It’s probably why I used to be a personal trainer back in the day.)

Trading is similar in some ways.

When I look at my charts, I follow the same analysis steps.

I only take trades that meet certain criteria according to the market rules.

Here’s another shock – I don’t trade for 8 hours a day. Yes, trading is my full-time job. But there’s no way I’d be able to sit down and stare at my charts for that long. I’d go crazy.

Instead – I set goals for myself. Once I hit my goal, I’m out of the market. I’m maybe trading for 2-3 hours tops.

My current trading target is $500/day.

But it isn’t just about my results, what I really care about is helping others succeed.

My goal is to share all the opportunities and research I find with every student, and provide them with the skills and knowledge to generate a very favorable result.

The best thing about trading is that ANYONE Can Do It.

If you don’t believe me, just see for yourself:

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Not only can anyone do it, but it’s SUPER EASY and doesn’t take much free time from your day!

With our self-directed auto-strategies, you can set the entries and exits YOU want and let the strategy does the rest:


Whether you’re just looking for fun, or wanting to find a more Lucrative “Side Job”…

The sky’s the limit for the returns you can potentially generate:

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I was like most people when I first started trading.

Absolutely no experience or understanding, and unsure if I was even capable of making a single dollar from it…

But once I took the jump and joined my very first trade room, my life and financial security changed exponentially.

Without a doubt, if it wasn’t for trading, I wouldn’t have been able to provide me and my family with the life we have today.

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